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  • Rob Tillman

The Next Chapter

When I started down the road of becoming an executive coach, I didn’t do it to get an additional degree or to build my resume. I did it because I’m passionate about it, and I know that coaching leaders is every bit as important as recruiting them.

But I didn’t arrive at this point by simply making a decision and charging ahead. I started a journey several years ago, doing the hard work of figuring out what I wanted to do and to learn. I founded my last executive search firm in 2002, and over the last sixteen years have recruited over 300 leaders. By all accounts, we were very successful, but I recognized that something was missing. So, I worked on planning for succession, and I went back to school to retool and refresh.

“Coach thyself” was my mission with a commitment to follow whatever road presented itself. It was a little scary, and it required letting go and having an open mind of where the road may take me. The first step was becoming a certified executive coach through The Hudson Institute of Coaching, and the second step was passing the baton to my partner to serve as the CEO of the firm. With a goal of simplifying life, focusing on what’s important, and being open to things outside of my control, I stepped out of my comfort zone.

For me, the journey of becoming a certified executive coach helped me become much more self-aware, and confirmed for me that I love what I do. I’ve been blessed to work with hundreds of wonderful and talented people, and now I can entirely focus on serving clients with a unique set of skills and a new approach to integrate assessment and coaching in every search. It’s not rocket science, but it is very powerful and nobody else is doing it.

So, I’ve embarked on this next chapter with passion, simplicity, and focus. The process of letting go and having faith rekindled my passion for recruiting and coaching leaders, and the hard work of making changes and embracing them has opened a new door. The experience has provided me with valuable perspective on what it takes to make meaningful and lasting change in our lives, and has made me a better recruiter and coach.

As I continue in my journey, I look forward to the experiences that lie ahead. To work with my clients in recruiting top talent, and to work with leaders as their coach is truly a blessing. The power of self-awareness and doing what I love is at the heart of not only who I am, but also what I do. I couldn’t be more thankful and hopeful than I am right now.


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