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  • Rob Tillman

Why I Love Being a Recruiter and Coach!

I know what you’re thinking...what a corny title for a post. But I had one of those weeks that reminded me of just how lucky I am to do what I do.

I didn’t complete a single search or get hired for a new project (the usual highs that bring a smile to a recruiter’s face). No, but I did meet with some terrific people.

It all started with a middle seat in coach and sounds of coughs which you notice a little more these days. I then jumped off the plane and helped a coaching client negotiate a new employment contract. He said, “I can’t tell you how much it means to me to have someone who cares about my success.”

I then met with a great CEO and his colleagues for dinner and was reminded of how much fun it is to see CEOs coming into their own as leaders. I share a few insights but for the most part am honored that they felt the time with me was productive and maybe even a little fun.

And my week was just getting started. The next day, I meet with a super talented woman who says, “Do you remember me?” I blush a little as I never forget a face, but I honestly couldn’t remember the moment. She has a big smile on her face and tells me, “You’re the reason I got into search!” I’m flattered but truly thankful that someone would think of me with such kind thoughts.

The next day, I race through the day which is also a great part of my job at times - the speed and exhilaration of charging from one meeting to the next and slowing down to be in the moment with each soul I meet. I meet a candidate who thanks me for my support, and then another who asks if I could be his coach. And then the next who says, “I’m going to write a book about my life working with PE and you’re in the book!” What a sprint, and how much fun to shift gears and meet great people.

Later that night, I meet with a leader who tells me that he’s been praying for an answer and a new opportunity, and says, “When I got your email, I knew it was God doing his work.” It reminded me of the responsibility we have to treat people the right way, and then I meet with another terrific CEO and client who leaves at the end of the meeting saying, “I appreciate you...thank you.”

How blessed I am to have the opportunity to meet such terrific people and play a small part in their lives. The next morning, I have breakfast with one of those up-and-comers who you just know is going to be a superstar someday, and then race to the airport.

As I jump on the shuttle bus at DFW, I look at my phone to see if I’m on the right bus and the driver gets up out of his seat, comes back and says, “ Can I help you brother?” I look up and realize I’m on the wrong bus, and he says, “Let me grab your bag.” He then stops after I get off and says, “We are one in God. I knew it the minute I saw you. I saw it in your eyes.”

What a wonderful week and reminder of just how lucky I am to do what I do. I’m truly blessed by the people I meet and work with every day. What a life!


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